Sunday, August 2, 2015


Endowment next week!!! august 10-12 ,,,,Hehehe me and benju and charles will go to cebu temple for endowment. For the reason that the temple will under maintainance between august and september. And bro. Baslot is our support. The excitement comes in my heart as i enter and do the highest ordinance. The goal of mine was getting closer to me. It has been a 3years of membership and 3 years of trials of faith. I actually enjoy my membership in the true and living church upon the face of the earth" THE CHURCH OF JESUS OF LATTER-DAYS SAINTS." Good news are there!!! The gabrido family will be endowed on september! Im so happy for them.Patriarchal blessings sunday. As i seat inside the library with Patriarch Supertisouso. I cried aloud. I felt the greatest blessing as i work out my destiny and mold to reach my divine potentials. I felt the love and greater responsibility. Keep in touch my friends!. 

-E. Gumban 

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